Zoe Saldana

Thursday, May 10, 2012

These are my favourite Red Carpet looks. I just love her simple elegance and her elegant take on trends.

Lazy Sundays

Monday, May 7, 2012

I just love Sundays because I can take a break from school work and just relax with a book or take a walk. I also read for pleasure during the week but on the bus or in the afternoons and at night before bed and it's not much because I always fall asleep.

 It feels good to wear shorts without tights!!

 I love my murano watch! I bought it four years ago in Venice.
I finally found earrings (studs) i'm not allergic to!! And they were cheap. I have spent lots of money for earrings i can't wear even.. not even for a few minutes :-(
I swear I do dress up ;-) when I go out but I never get the chance to take photos of my outfits because I'm either running late or too agitated to take photos(i change outfits way too much leaving my room a total mess every time)